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World's most complete reference base and source for V8 Weber carburetion systems and parts

I'm a professional Weber carburetion builder and tuner for V8 engines. This is what l do. If you're curious about Weber carburetion or thinking of putting them on your car, this is the website you've been looking for. All the answers you need are here.

Aside from reliable information, you'll find this site offers the world's largest selection of Weber V8 systems and application-specific parts for Weber carburetors on V8 engines, from open-wheel hot rods to GT40's.

Most likely, what you've heard about Weber carburetors has been some good and some bad. Some people say they work great...others say Weber carburetors are nothing but trouble. There's never a shortage of experts willing to provide their valuable comments...even if they don't know what they're talking about (which most of them don't).

On this website, I'll give you factual information about Weber carburetion based on over 35 years experience building and tuning Weber carburetion for V8 engines, many years on original Cobras. You'll be a lot smarter when you leave. Here's rule #1: Forget whatever else you've heard.

Jim Inglese with Engine

Here I am on the dyno doing what I love to do...tuning a Weber carburetion setup. This was a mild 383 Chevy smallblock for one of my own cars, that made a respectable 435 hp at 5700 rpm.

A thumbnail sketch

I build every Weber carburetion system to order, each one matched to the engine and vehicle it's intended for. There are no carburetion systems finished and sitting on the shelf here; a custom-built system is created for each customer. I offer more V8 applications and related accessories than any other source in the world, so if you're planning on putting Webers on a V8, you're in the right place; this is the only website of its kind; no other website provides the information you'll find here.

The questions I've heard most over the past 35+ years are answered on the Common Questions page, but if you have any new ones, feel free to call or email me. If you email, you'll usually hear back from me on the same day...usually within hours. I check emails several times a day and I answer everybody. When you call, I'm the only one who answers the phone.

I've been at this for a long time. In fact, nobody else building V8 Weber carburetion systems today has been doing it as long, or has built as many units as I have. Other sources offer similar products that may look the same, and some are temptingly cheaper, but with Weber carburetion, you'll get what you pay for. You'll pay now or pay later. The real value is in what you can't see: Experience.

As an educated buyer, you should also know the following:

I don’t compete with anyone on price, so please don't ask for "my best deal", because doing what I do, the way I do it, is much more labor-intensive than the way anybody else does it. It takes me 12-15 hours to build a Weber 4-carb system, and much of that time is spent on the inside of the carburetors where nobody can even see the work. A properly assembled linkage system takes a bit of time to install and adjust., and occassionally, final testing of the linkage on the bench may even reveal a problem that requires the whole unit to be completely taken apart again. It happens. I won't ship any carburetion system with my label on that front carburetor unless it's 100% right, and you can rely on that.

Every carburetion system is shipped ready for an easy startup. I pre-adjust the carburetors on the bench and the system is set to idle, so when you start the engine, it will fire immediately and idle for you. If it's a new engine, you can take it to 2000 rpm's to break in your cam; no problem. My nine-page instruction manual takes you right through the entire setup process, from gas pedal adjustment to fuel pressure to ignition timing to synchronizing the four carburetors. I leave no room for error. This manual is not for sale; it only comes with the carburetion units I sell, so please do not ask to buy one. No exceptions.

My personal support to you continues after the sale; it comes with your order. You'll have my cell phone number. When you make a purchase, you become like a member of the family. I provide unlimited free support until your carburetion system runs perfectly. Email the "other guys" advertising Weber setups and ask what they provide for an instruction manual, and find out about their support policy after the sale, both on the phone and by email. Tell them you'll need somebody's cell phone number and a personal guarantee that they will respond to your emails within only a few hours, day or night. Of course, they'll laugh at you and think you're nuts. I usually check emails for the last time at 8 pm. I also answer emails on weekends, by the way...in case you have a problem, or if you just need information.

If you already bought it somewhere else and need me for help, I will help you. I can send you whatever parts might solve the problem, BUT.... I will not know what you really have there, because I was not inside those carburetors myself. If they were not prepped properly on the bench to start with, no amount of re-jetting is going to help. Jetting cannot compensate for incorrect preparation (Weber carburetors cannot be installed “right out of the box”; each one requires complete disassembly and internal setup). You may have to disassemble the unit and all 4 carburetors. Or, you may end up shipping it here, which is very common.

If you have to take it back off the car after it's been running, packing and shipping it here will be a little bit of work, plus more time and more money out of your pocket. But they come in here all the time.

So, while you may save some money up front buying one of these systems somewhere else, it may be a gamble. You might very well end up spending the difference (or more) in parts and shipping, not to mention the aggravation of being without the use of the car. Reworks take several weeks to cycle through here because there are always jobs in process ahead of them.

So, in the end, just remember, there’s no free lunch.

If you already bought a Weber carburetion system from somebody else and were disappointed, I'll correct it for you. But first, your punishment is to watch this video

Why are There Two "Inglese" Companies?

There's a lot of confusion about INGLESE INDUCTION SYSTEMS vs. JIM INGLESE, and I'm really sorry about all that. They're actually two separate companies that are in no way connected. So, everybody must wonder how this can be.

INGLESE INDUCTION SYSTEMS was my original company; I sold it a long time ago. It's now owned by Comp Cams in Tennessee, and our companies are not connected. I started INGLESE INDUCTION SYSTEMS with that name, they own the name now. I operate my own company from only this website. The good news is you're on the right website.

Notice that I now use my full name, JIM INGLESE Weber Carburetion. All carburetion systems built here also have a "signature" label on them, which is shown below. If this label is not on the front carburetor, it was not built by me. The "other" label is completely different.

I felt it was necessary to address the ongoing confusion about the "two Inglese companies", so I hope this clears that up. Now come on in and have a look around. I promise that if you're looking for useful information, you're going to REALLY enjoy this website.

Jim Inglese Plate

The "Signature Label" is the only correct one. It also displays the website and phone.

"It is not always possible to redo the work we have done negligently. It's best to do things well now."
 -- Anonymous