Weber 8-Stack V8 Systems

Shipped fully assembled & ready to run.

The photos on this site show some of the units built here. I've tried to include at least one image for each type of unit, and as many photos as possible of the various options. They by no means represent everything available.

Each assembly reflects a painstaking approach to detail. Every carburetor has been completely disassembled, prepared, and internally tailored to order. Some of the customized systems take 2-3 days to build. No shortcuts are ever taken.

Every one is shipped 100% complete and ready to start, with nothing else to buy. Each unit includes a set of stainless intake bolts, an intake gasket set, a Synchrometer, low-pressure fuel regulator with the required fittings, a complete braided s.s. aircraft-quality fuel harness, a liquid-filled stainless pressure gauge, and a nicely-photographed, simple-to-follow instruction manual that guides you through the entire installation and setup procedure. I wrote this manual specifically for anyone who has never done this before, so if you can read English and follow basic instructions, you will find it very simple. 

Here are two videos that show you our Weber-carburetion systems running.  These videos were unsolicited and posted by these engine shops after installing our induction units.  The first one is a Weber carbureted engine startup on a test stand by Power Hungry Performance. This video showcases the throttle response of Weber carburetion better than any I've ever seen.

This second video was posted by Ken Ellison at Ellison's Machine in Glen Burnie, MD featuring a 525hp 289 Cobra engine being run on the stand.



Please call to place your order by telephone. A 50% deposit on the major credit card of your choice will get it started. The balance will be automatically charged to the same credit card (unless you specify otherwise) when the unit is assembled. 

Classic Weber Independent-runner 8-stack V8 systems

Base Smallblock Ford

Base Smallblock Ford

Shown as shipped, with chromed velocity stacks, complete braided fuel lines, and pressure regulator, which can be mounted on the unit (as shown) or it can be mounted by you where you like it. Specify 289-302 or 351W manifold. 
Height is 10-7/8", but can be 1" shorter with shorty stacks.

Base 390/427/428 Ford FE

FE Ford Weber Carb

Shown with optional 10-degee angle cut manifold and debris screens fitted inside stacks.

Base Smallblock Ford 289 unit on Cobra replica intake manifold

289 Cobra
This 1965-style replica COBRA-lettered intake system comes with the COBRA-lettered front water manifold and pre-cut connecting hoses. This manifold uses a unique center-shaft linkage system for compatibility with the original Cobra factory foot pedal linkage. Replica owners may order optional foot pedal linkage kit that is an exact copy of the original linkage from the footbox to carburetors. Height is 10-3/4" (add 3/4" for filters).

Customized smallblock Chevy

Blue SBC Chevy
Smallblock Chevrolet 4x48IDA unit is pictured here in an optional 2-stage blue with the ceramic-coated manifold option. Height of the SBC unit is 12-3/16" (add 3/4" for filters). I now also offer a combination throttle and 200-700R trans kickdown cable bracket setup for this smallblock Chevrolet unit. Bigblock Chevy units are also available, for rectangular port heads.

Ford 351 Cleveland

Our 351 Cleveland assembly is available with 48IDF carburetors on a small-port intake manifold for increased velocity of the incoming charge.  These manifolds can be ported to match the Cleveland 4-barrel heads, but they work extremely well on the street with the smaller intake ports.  Shown here is the base 351C 48IDF Weber assembly with a side-mounted bellcrank assembly we added for this customer's throttle setup.

The 351C comes in a 4x48IDA version as well, and our newest 351C manifold was just introduced in 2021.  This is a thoroughly updated manifold with a vacuum plenum for power accessories and EFI sensors and can be ordered in either a 2-barrel or 4-barrel port configuration. This photo shows the front view of a Group IV competition Pantera assembly with our pressure regulator and cable bracket mounted at the front.  

"All Black" Chevy Bigblock

Black Chevy Big Block

Here's a BBC on a Sharp manifold. This one was done for a customer totally in black. All BBC 48IDA units are for rectangular port heads only. The BBC manifolds are a little different than the Sharp manifold, but this all-black one looks pretty cool.

Smallblock Chevy IDF

Weber 4x44IDF and 4x48IDF assemblies are available for smallblock or oval port bigblock Chevys. Pictured here are two of our smallblock Chevy IDF units fitted with 4-inch and 6-inch velocity stacks to show how different they can look just by the length of the stacks.  These can also be built with the short 1-inch stacks to fit under the hood of an early Corvette, making the IDF system the most versatile Weber configuration available.  The assembly on the right with the ceramic coated manifold shows the crossover fuel line in front because that customer wanted fuel entry to be in the rear. Click on the photo to get a better view!

Base Bigblock Chevy IDF Series

Big Block Chevy IDF
The Bigblock Chevrolet IDF system is shown here exactly as shipped without any special finishes. The IDF system fits oval port heads only.

Base Smallblock Ford IDF Series

Small Block Ford IDF
The IDF units are both compact and extremely versatile, offering you the choice of 44mm or 48mm carburetors. The smallblock Ford 4x48IDF unit is shown here, as shipped, in standard form with no options. The Weber 48IDF packs the same punch as the 48IDA, but in a more "squatty" package. These are excellent for low hood clearance applications.

Crossrams: The most exotic of all Weber carburetion systems

Smallblock Chevy

The crossram comes standard with 45DCOE carburetors for maximum streetability, but can be ordered with 48mm DCO's. The Chevy crossram is 11" tall to the top of the fuel pressure gauge as you see it here. If the pressure gauge is relocated, the unit is only 9-3/4" tall, so it does not require much hood clearance (the SBC 48IDA downdraft system is 12-3/16" tall). These units are activated in the center with a bellcrank designed for a cable-operated gas pedal.  We do offer this unit with a special linkage system compatible with stock '63-'67 Corvette gas pedal and throttle linkage, using a secondary bellcrank assembly on the driver's side.  

50/55mm DCO crossram

Upon request, we will build big-bore crossram assemblies for smallblock Chevy engines like the 55DCO unit shown here.  The standard SBC crossram manifold requires considerable modification to accept these large carburetors. We started building these monster crossrams primarily for the Lolas being vintage raced in Europe. These are not recommended for low-speed driving and sitting in traffic.

Other special fabrications

I will be happy to supply a custom induction system on a fabricated manifold for any engine. Please email me with your requirements.  

Valve Cover Clearance

Valve cover clearance with crossrams:

You will not be able to run tall valve covers with these units, but the TransDapt 5/16"-thick valve cover gaskets will usually allow you to run roller rockers with standard valve covers. Click on the image at right for a detailed view. 

Shown here, a stock 327 Corvette engine shows a clearance under the carburetors of 9/16". Another 1/4" can be gained with special fuel bowl bottom plates if more space is required for slightly taller valve covers.

Vacuum Nipples

Supplying vacuum for transmission, air conditioning, power brakes, or PCV

Some cars require vacuum for accessories or to connect a PCV hose. 

The 8-port vacuum kits are generally hidden on all the downdraft units, and all you'll see are fittings at the rear of the manifold as shown here. Vacuum is supplied from all eight ports.

The one at left has two 3/8" nipples, one for PCV, and the other for power brakes.

If you reqwuire vacuum, please be sure to order this option (cost is $175) when you place your order. It is much more difficult to install once the unit is assembled. In some cases, it CANNOT be installed later, because not every manifold is designed for hidden vacuum. The right manifold must be ordered in the beginning.

Protective options

48 IDA Screens

Debris Screens for 48IDA

DCOE Screens

Debris Screens for 45DCOE

44- 48 IDF Screens

Debris Screens for 44/48IDF

48 IDA filters

Mesh Filters for 48IDA

DCOE Screens

Mesh Filters for all DCOE's

Red top covers

Protective covers

Available for all models with standard factory